The new PDF Catalog System gives you the ability to create a dynamic and downloadable PDF catalog based on your current product inventory.

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The PDF Catalog System is designed to be automated from your back-end system. It's updated daily based on the latest product data so your customers get only up-to-date information from your store. The new system offers complete integration with your latest product information and pricing to ensure that your catalog stays up-to-date at all times. Combined with your website's content management tools, you get the creative freedom to customize the appearance of your PDF catalog based on your company's branding.

Features of the All-New PDF Catalog System

Back-end Automation

Using Builderwire's innovative Connector Technology, product data is kept up-to-date resulting in customers getting the most current pricing and item information whenever they download your PDF catalog.

Product Management

Manage all products in your PDF catalog through your system using the eCommerce flag. Need to add or remove an item from the catalog? No problem. Just check or uncheck the product's eCommerce flag and you'll see your changes during your catalog's next nightly update.

Content Management

Using IBOS 3.0's content management system, you'll have the tools to customize and design your PDF catalog. This includes the ability to add text and images as well as headers and footers.

Pricing Options

Similar to your online catalog, the PDF catalog displays customer-level pricing that is pulled from your back-end system. Pricing can be masked, retail or list with one level price support for all catalogs.

Multi-Location Based

The PDF Catalog System automatically creates catalogs that are unique per location. This gives customers the flexibility to choose which location they want to get their catalog from. This also ensures that products and pricing specific only to one store location will be displayed in the correct catalog.

Agility Major/Minor Group Configuration

Product and category information can be customized using Agility's Major/Minor group system without affecting all the data updated from your back-end system.

Integrated into your website and designed with you and your customers in mind, the new PDF Catalog System also delivers numerous benefits including:
  • Reduced printing costs

    The new catalog can be viewed online or downloaded directly by your customers into their computers eliminating the cost of having to print your catalogs after every update.

  • Real-time product information

    All product information is derived from the latest data pulled from your back-office system ensuring that you display up-to-date information in your PDF catalog.

  • Quick set-up process

    Setting up the new PDF Catalog System can be done through your website’s Web Admin tool. All you need is to select the content and product pages you want to display in your catalog. It doesn’t require you to have any extensive knowledge in programming or web development.

  • Easy to use

    With IBOS’ user-friendly content editor tool, you can customize your catalog’s branding and add content to specific product categories. With an easy-to-use interface similar to Microsoft Word, you can easily format and lay out the text and images that will be displayed in your PDF Catalog.

  • Hassle-free updating

    Using your website’s IBOS Web Admin tool, you can update all product pages and content sections and display them live on your website. Branding and styling can also be done using a combination of HTML and CSS for more design flexibility.

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