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For more than 60 years, A.L. Thompson has been serving the Cayman Islands by providing them with everything they need from building materials to appliances. From the company's 130,000 sq. ft. retail store which operates six days a week, customers are guaranteed to find products made by the top brands in the market at very affordable prices.

With more than six decades tucked in their belt, A.L. Thompson has already established itself as the go-to-brand for the people at George Town. As part of the next step to widen its reach, A.L. Thompson set its sights on creating a website that would make it easier for customers around the Cayman Islands to find quality products anytime and anywhere. This required the development of an online portal capable of displaying the company's wide range of products while also allowing clients to place orders in a secure setting.

For A.L. Thompson, Builderwire developed a secure and manageable e-commerce system complete with their own custom branding, online product catalog and account management module. The website's custom branding combines the use of subtle colors with a clean layout to make page viewing easy on the eyes. In line with the clean layout, all links are strategically placed at the top of the site. Sub-menus appear under each main link, making navigation hassle-free for customers.

A.L. Thompson's online product catalog also offers the tools to display and manage their collection of products all from one system. Updated and maintained through their back-office, product information can be uploaded at once eliminating the hassle of posting them one at a time. The new catalog system also allows advertisements and promotions to be posted making it easier for customers to stay up-to-date on the latest news and online sale.

Lastly, with an account management module integrated into the website, customers are now able to keep track of their online transactions, invoices and other accounting information. Data is kept secure using SSL (secure socket layer) ensuring that all information provided from the time customers log in until the time they log out is protected.

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