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The Flying Dutchman Liquor Store is known to the people of Nassau for its specialty rums and spirits. Just like the fabled sea captain the company was named after, it provides a vast collection all at reasonable prices. Since it was first established in Wellington Street, the Flying Dutchman Liquor Store has expanded to three other locations including North Andros, Cable Beach and Carmichael Road.

With an existing website in place, The Flying Dutchman Liquor Store cemented its reputation in Nassau community by addressing the needs of customers looking to order the best spirits any time of the day. However, it needed to upgrade its online portal to catch up with the changing times. With a design on hand, Flying Dutchman tasked Builderwire to implement the vision they had. Aside from revising their website’s design, the company also needed a more manageable online catalog system that would make it easier for them to upload their products and update each one with the necessary product information.

Builderwire assisted in the development of the new Flying Dutchman Liquor store website, upgrading it from the previous IBOS 2.0 version to the new IBOS 3.0 system.

The new website utilized the design concept provided the client with some key improvements. The images used were optimized to improve the website’s loading time. A cleaner layout with minimal links and wide spaces was also implemented to have the content stand out while making navigation quick and easy as well.

An improved product catalog system was also introduced to give Flying Dutchman the ability to efficiently manage and update all their individual products. Each product now comes with its own content editor feature making it easier to add product descriptions and item specifications. It also provides design and editing tools that give Flying Dutchman a convenient way to format and design how the information will be displayed on their website.

Key IBOS 3.0 marketing tools were also integrated, including the ability to display promotional campaigns using the new Promotions tool and a photo gallery that can be used to showcase their latest events and product releases.

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