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Foley Fish has been providing the people from Massachusetts with the freshest seafood products in the area. This is made possible by adhering to the company's strict rule of selecting fish that have been caught just one to two days prior. This rule of hand selecting "one and two day fish" - along with its superior handling, refrigeration and packaging of their products - has allowed Foley Fish to live on for four generations as one of the country's top seafood providers.

Foley Fish has been in business for the better part of a century. One of the reasons they've been successful is their ability to adapt to the needs of their customers. With this in mind, the company felt that need to expand its operations and tap into the developing e-commerce industry. To accomplish this, Foley Fish required a system that would allow them to develop a web storefront where customers can browse through their updated inventory, place orders in a secure and easy-to-use shopping environment, as well as check for the latest company news and product updates.

For Foley Fish, IBOS' fully-integrated e-commerce system and features were utilized in developing its web storefront. With its new online product catalog, Foley Fish was able to create and display their full line of seafood products. Manageable from the company's back-office system, the catalog is able to display real-time information thanks to its user-friendly interface which allows data to be uploaded at the click of a button.

The new system also provides customers with the ability to access and manage their account information. Invoices, orders and statements can now be accessed with real-time information being presented whenever they log into their account. Archived data can also be retrieved using the system's integrated search and filtering feature.

The IBOS Content Management System (CMS) was integrated as well giving Foley Fish different editing tools to create web pages and insert information to their product list and details pages. Easy to use, the system utilizes an interface similar to Microsoft Word making it convenient for anyone with basic computer skills to use.

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