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Pier Fish is a third generation family-owned business that specializes in selling and distributing quality seafood products. Starting as small fish market in Boston, the company has since flourished to become one of the top seafood processor in the Northeast. All products go directly through their 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art processing plant which gives them the ability to monitor the level of quality of each product to ensure it meets the set industry standard.

An established name in the seafood industry, Pier Fish wanted to find other avenues that would allow them to reach out to customers more. This led to the idea of creating a web portal that customers could access 24/7 for the latest product news and updates. With content being the primary focus, it was crucial to provide a system that can be utilized by the client to make it easy for them to update and manage their website.

With the IBOS Content Management System (CMS) serving as the backbone of the company's web portal, Builderwire developed a website for Pier Fish which allowed them to showcase information about their different seafood products and services. Content creation was made easy thanks to the CMS' Microsoft Word-inspired interface which allowed Pier Fish to adapt quickly to the new system right from the get-go.

Using the new content management system, Pier Fish was able to highlight their seafood products and value-added recipes complete with crisp product imagery that links to their own content page. Each page highlights the recipes ingredients, cooking instruction, nutrition facts and packaging. Pier Fish was also able to develop pages that listed the different services they offer as well as their company's history.

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