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Producers Cooperative traces its roots to a group of farmers and ranchers who decided to invest in a set of rail cars filled with grain for their livestock. Since then, the company has diversified and become an agricultural supply cooperative helping its members acquire the finest livestock, feeds, fertilizer and other essential farm and ranch supplies.

With an official website up and running, Producers Cooperative was looking to set up a separate web portal for their members, complete with registration and login system. Registered users would then be granted the ability to manage their own account information and have access to the company's supply of farm and ranch products. In line with this, the company also needed a system that would allow them to display and update their catalog of products without any hassle.

Builderwire deployed a fully-functional e-commerce and accounting system for Producers Cooperative that gave them the tools to accept online registration, the ability to manage their online catalog and provide registered users with up-to-date account information upon login.

Registration is kept secure using Builderwire's secure socket layer encrypted capture and conveyance which protects user privacy and keeps any customer information provided from being compromised.

The new member's portal also comes with IBOS' Account Management module which gives registered customers 24/7 access to real-time account information - both current and archived. Different information from invoices to statements can be viewed and managed online or downloaded by users for their file.

Producers Cooperative's web portal also comes with an integrated store catalog and product management system which allows the client to create an online storefront comprising of their product inventory. Connected to their back-office systems using Builderwire's Connector technology, any information entered will be automatically uploaded in real-time to the catalog ensuring that customers get to see real-time and up-to-date product pricing and specifications.

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