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Founded in 1875, S.L. Horsford has established itself as a highly diversified business establishment that specializes in providing a wide range of products through its different operating departments, subsidiaries and associated companies. S.L. Horsford's various product line and services include building materials, furniture, food, insurance, trucks, appliances, shipping and car rentals.

S.L. Horsford's products and services are spread throughout its different subsidiary companies, each with its own set of registered users. These subsidiaries include St.Kitts, Nevis and Ocean Cold Storage. Given this set-up, it was important for the company to provide a convenient way for users to get access to the product catalog of the subsidiary business they registered in. This set-up would also be beneficial to S.L. Horsford since they would know where the customer is registered to, making order processing convenient. It would also help them in specifying where a particular product will be made available.

With different subsidiary companies having its own set of registered users, Builderwire set up each one to have their own account management and product catalog system. This allows S.L. Horsford to manage each subsidiary separately. Products and account data can now be uploaded to a specific subsidiary, with the data made accessible only to its registered users. Registered users from other subsidiaries won't be able to access these data.

Each subsidiary company also comes with its own Quick Price directory that gives registered users a directory of all available product items. Items are organized by category and displayed in a table format to make searching quick and easy for the customer. Ordering can also be done through the Quick Price directory. Customers just have to input the quantity of a specific item and press the Add to Cart button.

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