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Svendsen's Marine is a full service boatyard, marine store and distribution center that serves boaters from around the West Coast area. Since its inception in 1963, the company has grown to become one of the top boat repair and marine supply businesses in Almeda, providing customers with a wide range of high-quality marine products while also offering various services through their boatyard.

For Svendsen's, its customers matter. So it was important for the company to have a web portal that would cater to them. While having a store allowed customers to drop by, it was limited due to its operating hours. In line with this, Svendsen's wanted to give its customers a way of getting the products and services they needed from anywhere and without any time restriction.

Builderwire addressed this by launching an e-commerce system, complete with a manageable product catalog and customer access to important account information.

The online product catalog can be accessed 24/7 and displays Svendsen’s complete line of marine products. Organized by categories, these items can be edited to contain images and their own product description content. Information can be added directly using the website’s Admin feature or through Svendsen’s back-office system. This flexibility in managing product data ensures that all information displayed in the catalog stays up-to-date.

Svendsen’s new website is also integrated with IBOS’ Account module. The system lets customers register for an online account to gain access to their account information. This includes the ability to view and manage their invoices, orders, statements, quotes and other balance details. Current and archived account information can be viewed and downloaded providing a convenient way for customer to keep track of all their business transactions with Svendsen.

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